Lost in My Perfect Life

I am really writing this blog for myself, but feel if I can help one person along the way, I may as well share it. This blog will be far from perfect – perfect words, perfect grammar, clever expressions and witty sayings…this blog is about life. Messy. Happy. Lonely. Full. Empty. Hard. Crazy. Sane. And all the things that life is. Real stuff. The things my child self never expected…I thought you just grew up and things fell into place. You got married, had children, created memories and just lived a happy life forever after. I laugh now as I write this and remember how I fell into that said life. The problem was I got lost behind that quaint and cute white picket fence. You know, the one that symbolized happiness, the one that told everyone you’d made a perfect happy little family, the one that helped hold all of the dreams and giggles and memories and abundance of love you felt every day in this perfect little life. I got very lost. And I find myself here, starting over again in an effort to find myself for the first time in a long time. This road has not been shiny and smooth and paved in gumdrops, but I’m still grateful for all of the lessons I continue to learn (which are many) which is what this blog is all about…stay tuned.

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