A Letter to Myself

As I was going through some of my writing a few days ago, I found a draft of an old letter that I wrote. It’s actually to a dear friend’s daughter that I share a very special bond with who was having a very difficult time. As I read through my notes, I realized I may just as well have written it to myself. Both my younger self and myself today.

Dear Sweet Girl,

Sometimes it takes the darkest of nights to see the stars in the sky and grab hold of ours, of that light shining within that makes us who we were meant to be. The beautiful mess is there to teach us that perfection is not real, a beautiful heart is real, compassion is real, love is real, imperfection is real. Embrace the beautiful, imperfect mess that is YOU and makes up your breathtaking heart. That is real and God-given. That very mess is what leads us to who we are meant to be.

Amazing child, let yourself out. Let all those shiny things that make you YOU be seen and heard and felt. You are a child of God. Don’t bury that away deep down as some sort of flaw. It is the most wondrous thing about you and makes you who you are. The world needs you and your gems to sparkle and shine. Those around you need all of you, not a quieted version of what you think you’re supposed to be. Pass your light on like a candle of flickering hope to others so that they may light their own flame. Being imperfect, having holes of uncertainty, is how we find our light, how we learn to shine brightly and how we can show others to do the same.

When I was your age, I thought I would burst and that led me straight back to my writing, to relieve what was inside and I learned that sharing it, instead of keeping it to myself, made me happy and proud. It ended up being the thing that allowed me to share my light. Now as a forty something year old woman, there are plenty of things I wished for a long time I could be better at as I compared myself to other people, but those things didn’t bring me joy. I wasted so much time trying to be something I was never meant to be, while ignoring all of the imperfectness that I was, and I had no one telling me what I’m telling you right now. Life is short. Don’t waste it shoving yourself down into the dark when the light is here waiting for you.

Don’t fight who you are. Let it out! It will be your special something. It will be you in your truest form. People will come to see you for who you are and they will appreciate and love you for bringing your bright gifts out to share. You are a GIFT. Don’t push that down and be ashamed! Let it explode and illuminate this world. Doing that is what has given me the permission to write this to you from the truest place – overflowing with love and compassion for you, beautiful girl. So shine, stand out, with all your flaws and imperfections and be proud of how God made you.

And never, ever be afraid to ask for help…not ever. Because if we were perfect, we wouldn’t need others to lean on – sounds pretty lonely to me – and I know you have a whole bunch of people who love you and adore you just as you are right now, including me. They don’t ever want you to feel alone. And neither do I.

I love ALL of YOU to the moon and back.

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